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DC Technologies is committed to the unrelenting quest of excellence and highest order of customer gratification. ‘Quality’ is not a disintegrated function in our organization, it is the very purpose and reason of our existence. It is rather the juggernaut of our business aspirations. Quality awareness and commitment of our employees, our mature processes and practices drive our organizational functions and their activities, culminating into the final goal of flawless delivery of products and services, leading to superior customer satisfaction.

Maturity of our processes, with the rigorous built-in checks and balances, guarantee superior quality of products and services, minimizing redundancy and wastages, helping register quicker turnarounds and better ROI. Our processes have been designed to mitigate associated risks and vulnerabilities and to ensure seamless business continuity. Every employee at DC Technologies is a champion to the cause of Quality in his own right!


We understand that our people impact the success of our business and we hire people who are smart, dedicated for DC Technology

Customer service

We strive to provide superior customer service and ensure that every client is completely satisfied with our work.


Our engineers are trustworthy, dedicated and experienced and will go to the extra mile to solve your issues.


Our quality philosophy is to provide a harmonious and state-of-the art technology enabled work environment to an empowered, process oriented and committed work-force to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

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DC Technologies FZ-LLC
PO Box: 500597,
Building No. 8,
Office No. 2031
Dubai Outsource City

Tel: +971-44219654

Email: info@dctechnologies.ae

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