Sales & Marketing Automation

Sales & Marketing Automation

Field source automation
Self-Served portal
Identifying the best sales opportunity

Sales & Marketing Automation for your Organization

Proactive call center operations

Captures leads from all the channels

Efficient distribution of leads to different sales agents

Understand the intent with 360 degree user profile and behavior

Trigger engagement across all channels and devices

Measure performance and get perspective insights across lead sources

Efficiently run high velocity sales

Captures effective leads and translates them into conversion, boosts productivity and enables high functioning performances ensuring higher efficiency on digital sales as well as merchant operations. Our marketing and sales automation features help you to completely transform the way to run high velocity sales through a detailed, accurate and holistic process.

See the reports for your Nurturing Campaigns

Helps you keep a tab on your important campaigns, evaluate the course of action as well as the progress at regimented intervals, focus on areas of improvement and use it effectively to better the output, as well as monitoring growth and functionality.

Significant Increase in Lead Engagement

Enables you to communicate with your leads in real time and nurture them regularly. Reduces your lead response time thus subsequently helping the sales team focus more on actual selling and higher productivity. Also essential to converting more prospects via lead nurturing to drive higher velocity sales.

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