Backup & Disaster Recovery

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Protects your business from common forms of data loss
Availability for All your cloud, virtual and physical and mobile workloads
World’s leading hybrid cloud backup-as-a-service solution

Backup and Disaster Recovery for your Organization

Minimal Downtime

Cloud Based Draas Solution

Aligned Protection with urgency of Data

Improved compliance and validity of recovery

Automated key disaster recovery scenarios

Restoration of Windows and Linux systems to the same, similar, or dissimilar hardware during a failback procedure

Cost Effective

Lower operational cost with zero upfront costs and a simple pay-as-you-go business model designed to help you reach ROI faster without needing to resort to unnecessary purchases especially in the wake of a security incident.

Prioritized Tracking

Helps you to track where the most sensitive data on the network resides beyond the requirements laid out by industry-specific rules and regulations and recover them on priority without compromising the system.

Data Protection Strategy

Creating an extensive backup and recovery strategy can protect you in case of an attack, and it does not have to be complicated. We help you secure your critical data, appliances and infrastructure, from the mainframe to the endpoint

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